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The Ultimate In Transcendental Apparel & Accessories.

Hand Designed & Curated  By The Mystic Arts World Master Artisans.

Vajrawear Is More Than Simply Beautiful Mystic Fashion; Each Piece Is A Powerful Talisman Of Cosmic Energies…

Embrace The Ancient  Dharma Wisdom

The Noble Truths & the Pure Path of the Mystic Dharma embodies the highest realizations of human culture, representing the deep commitment & the rich rewards awaiting all who embrace this ancient, illuminating knowledge.

We celebrate our inclusion in the Sangha (family/tribe/community) of people privileged by fate to both hear of & to live in the beauty of the Dharma path.

Vajrawear – Created as a vibrant symbol to communicate that you’re counted among those forever devoted to the Mystic Way of Truth & Enlightenment.


Vajrawear Collections


Dharma Talismans & Mandala Power

The Vajrawear apparel collections are a blissful fusion of modern digital graphic printing tecnology & apparel manufacturing combined with the iconic imagery of ancient Dharmic traditions.

Vajrawear honors the beautiful artistic power of every righteous pathway, be it Buddhist, Taoist, Sufi, Vedic, Shamanic, or other legendary mystic & esoteric traditions.

Both our name & our core design style is strongly influenced by the opulent mystic traditions of Tibetan Mahayana Buddhism – whose rich iconographic portrayals of transcendental beings & meditation mandalas have inspired devotees & artists for centuries.

Ancient Energies & New Potential

The imagery on all of our products represents more than just magnificent colored patterns – each of these sacred images represents a vibrant living talisman of cosmic spiritual forces.

Consider them as Visual Mantras attracting the power of divine forces associated with their origin & creation.

Just the simple act of living with Vajrawear art is a way of spreading the affirmative vibrations emanating from it’s source, and attracting & transmitting positive cosmic mojo into the material world.

Take a Journey Into Upliftment!

Clicking the Button Link below will take you to the Vajrawear Design Gallery – where you can View, Discover & Shop our wide range of products based on the specific designs you love…



Delightful Icons Of Power & Peace

Embrace Your Own Personal  Expression Of The Mystic Path

Being Buddhaful

Om Mani Padmi Hum Mandala

Tropical  Calm Poster Redux

Classic Spiritual Sky OM



Right Intention & Right Action

Always spreading kindness &  good karma, a percentage of all proceeds from Vajrawear sales are donated in support of international aid to educational & healthcare institutions in Dharmic based communities in Asia.

Vajrawear inspired accessories include useful items beyond apparel that make life more colorful, cosmic, and convenient, like; hats, bags, footwear, sunglasses, phone cases, and cosmic jewelry.

This also includes useful & decorative items for your everyday living space, like; mugs, water bottles, pillows, towels, blankets, yoga mats, and posters, tapestries, & canvas prints – all of which carry the same amazing art/designs featured in the Vajrawear apparel collection.

So when you shop the Vajrawear collection you’re helping us help you bring positive spiritual energy to the world.  It’s that simple, and that delightful…

The Power of Imagination & Creative Inspiration

Vajrawear designs reflect Timeless Art  & Modern Vibes.

We love remixing classic motifs, and our designers cover the gamut of every classic Dharma design theme in existence.

If it’s opulent, trippy, classic, or amazing then we’re into it. Wearing a cosmic talisman is a dynamic & compassionate public gesture, and why not spread the love?! We do it every day  & think you should too…

Truly High Quality Products


Vajrawear goods are  required to meet our strict personal standards of design, durability, and consistent quality.

Sure, it has to be reasonably priced, but we don’t compromise, and we’ll never put our name on or deliver anything that sucks.

We guarantee Vajrawear products, mostly because we’re way more  into making people feel good than trying to make a buck.

Organic, Energy Efficient, & Sustainable

Vajrawear designs are a printed using super energy efficient DTG technology and 100% biodegradable inks, and of our garments are all natural fiber, with many produced using organic cotton.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to care about what happens to the Earth, and to do something to insure things don’t get any more out of balance than they already are. We have, so you can.

World Wide Shipping

Even if you’re somewhere up the Mekong or chanting in Panama,  if there’s a way to get mail to you then we’re happy to send Vajrawear gear just about anywhere on the planet.  

We send our tops in super lightweight & durable bags to keep it clean and keep the costs down, and send Vajrawear Gear in crunch proof boxes. Go to our FAQ page for the full skinny on Shipping.

Namaste & Terima Kasih!

Express Your True Self

Make a statement wherever you go about how you value & embrace the power & the beautiful mystery of the Dharma Path.

While your inner vibrations invisibly announce your true presence let your outer appearance silently & instantly announce your personal commitment to the wisdom of the mystic arts.


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